Thursday, September 21, 2017

F is for ...

We interrupt this blog to announce that Spain has set loose 16,000 alleged "riot" police in Barcelona to search for printed ballots for use in the upcoming referendum on Catalonia's secession from Spain. As of this report no slaves have been involved.

Spanish police have beaten citizens, with the full support of Brussels, and have already seized 10 million ballots. In response, thousands have taken to the streets in support of the October 1st independence vote. At Madrid's behest, the European Central Bank is purchasing all the Spanish Bond debt it can in an effort to show everything is hunky-dory and there's nothing to see here just move along. Reports that bank bail-ins are not imminent and are merely rumours have been highly exaggerated.

Catalonia represents a fifth of Spain’s 1.1-trillion-euro ($1.32 trillion) economy and enjoys wide self-government, although key areas such as infrastructure and taxes are in the hands of central authorities. The region has about 5.5 million eligible voters.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Fascism.

hard times --
the autumn crows
worrying roadkill

**fun facts**: did you know that the ecb currently holds about 40% of all european union debt?

**daily brain-teaser**: who's going to buy that crap?

bottom line

Yeah, the bottom line.

Up here history is always rhyming. It's a throat singing session done to a Polka beat, the band is drunk but nobody notices 'cause this place has always been slower than Easter week. The only ones counting time are the Fat Ladies in Glasses League who everyone tries to be like, at least until they turn their backs, and then the Others begin making stupid faces.

The only true Nobility is the Cold, and it will kill you lest you should ever forget.

Puts Lipstick On It

a neocon blogger
a perjurer
wonk with no Russia background
the director of When Harry Met Sally
right-wing talk radio guy

What flavor must one add to this unpalatable mix to make it seem credible, legitimize it and make it $$ saleable? $$

(this way) . . > . > . > . >

why, yes, of course, the voice of Authority and Gravitas, Mister Morgan Freeman!!

U.S. Internet Agenda

Sunday, September 17, 2017

tall corn

the tall corn's shadow
stretched across the grave yard --
coming of Autumn

Saturday, September 16, 2017

red bean soup

a mountain
bows before it --
red bean soup


three speckled fawns
linger on the boardwalk --
a leaf turns red

Friday, September 15, 2017


eye to eye
with a flight of geese --
lingering heat

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mt. Ogura - Online! Blast From The Past


From: Tito -
Subject: Feb. 7 broadcast

Greetings! I trust all's well with you and yours.

100 Poets on Mount Ogura, 1 Poem Each book has sold so well in the past few months, Hailstone Haiku Circle was able, just recently, to give our publication partners, People Together for Mt. Ogura, the first 80,000 yen of project profit! PTO needs to build up a healthy balance in order to do a better job of nature conservation and environmental education on Mount Ogura (here in Kyoto). Thank you to all who have purchased copies of this book so far! Copies of the book can still be ordered through me.

On February 7th, I am broadcasting a new 15' radio essay (including old and new haiku/tanka) about this mountain on BBC Radio Three. Details are as given below, if you are interested.

All the best for Old New Year (in Japan called Setsubun),

Stephen (Tito)

Link to Icebox

(UK meantime) Mon. Feb. 7th 23:00-23:15 - BBC Radio Three programme - Meanings of Mountains: part 1) Mount Ogura. S.G. presents the past and present of the mountain that was the subject of Hailstone's last book. It will feature haiku and tanka by Tsurayuki, Saigyo, Teika, Basho, Shugyo Takaha, Nobuyuki Yuasa, John Dougill, Sachi, Amano, and Tito. You can listen online here:
It will be available to listen to at the BBC site for at least one week after live broadcast. Please enjoy it if you can spare 15 minutes.


Friday, September 8, 2017

moving on

moving on
to the next small town
autumn leaves

New Resonance 9


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

. : . : . : More Fun With The Monopoly : . : . : . .................... Order #C69087795


This correspondence was drafted July 10, 2017.
In the meantime, I've discovered my address never was in an area you serve. I did not receive that information from your offices, by the way. I had to go to a competitor before verifying with another one of your representatives ... if only they had been so forthcoming earlier. Was the first agent I spoke to able to retain his commission?

Now, here we are in September, after quite a few twists and convolutions, while you people must have stood around the water cooler, making predictions with chicken bones and which way the wind would be blowing until Voila! the computer program pipes up with a number, a different one on each day in fact, and makes its predictions, one of which is the most auspicious charge to bill my non-existent account.

Well, I have news for you. My account doesn't exist, nor was any service rendered. Therefore, I have deduced your accounting department is a figment of my imagination. I don't owe REDACTED a bill conjured from the ether and remitted to your dreams. Nor can I sue a ghost for lost time, seek damages incurred in a nightmare, let alone found your staff complicit as I ran around in circles.

Noting these difficulties, I suggest you look for other work - I don't know how you're getting paid. You should look into it.

can't tap my feet
or they'll hear it through the floor --
musk melons


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Labor Day

a wild rose rests
atop a little picket fence --
Labor Day


morning clouds --
some day, she tells herself,
she'll have her Hollyhocks, too

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pepper Festival

a Ferris wheel and fireworks,
frogs in full voice, too --
Pepper Festival


after the crowds
a shrine for Tori Hunter --
Autumn dusk